Drought Resiliency


Topic: CalMutuals and DWR Drought Planning Workshop – May 27th

On May 27th CalMutuals will team up with the Department of Water Resources to conduct a workshop aimed at assisting small water systems with limited resources in preparing for drought conditions.

During the workshop participants will receive step by step instructions on how to create a Drought Risk Assessment (‘DRA’) and a Water Shortage Contingency Plan (‘WSCP’).

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Topic: Collaboration with CivicSpark

In June, CalMutuals members Valencia Heights Water Company and Konocti County Water District were selected to work with SWRCB and DDW Civic Spark Fellows in developing model Drought Resiliency Plans for small systems.

The program is aimed at building resource capacity with disadvantaged communities to ensure their ability to meet challenges associated with drought.  As a proponent of small water systems CalMutuals is very appreciative of DWR’s approach in selecting two CalMutuals members to develop tailored needs to assist small and disadvantaged water systems in planning for drought mitigation and developing water shortage contingency plans.

CalMutuals is excited about where this project will lead, as the CivicSpark fellow that has been working with member agency Valencia Heights Water Company has expressed interest in developing an ongoing education program for more small water systems in Los Angeles. We look forward to continued collaboration with CivicSpark and will keep you informed as the program progresses.

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