Legislative & Regulatory Priorities

CalMutuals establishes its legislative and regulatory priorities at its annual meeting.  As legislation and regulations evolve, CalMutuals adapts and takes positions on specific proposed legislation and regulations through its Joint Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee.  

The Committee includes the board of directors as well as members who are interested in participating, and/or are interested in specific topics such as water quality, governance or bonds and grants.  The Joint Committee meets at least monthly, and more frequently as needed when the legislature is in session or a regulatory proceeding is underway.

From time to time, CalMutuals will help its members on local matters with regional agencies, usually when two or more members in a region feel like they are out of options and need more capacity to plan and execute a strategy.  

If you are interested in participating in the Joint Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee meetings, please contact Susan Allen at susan@calmutuals.org.  

Current Legislative Priorities and Focus

Safe Drinking Water and Economic Feasibility
Drought Preparedness for Small Water Systems
Air quality provisions for emergency back-up generators
Legislation regarding groundwater sustainability planning
Contract workers classification as employees

Current Regulatory Priorities

Economic Feasibility and Chromium 6 – upcoming standard
Perfluorooctane Sulfate (PFAS) – upcoming standard
1,2,3 TCP – expiring statute of limitations 12/20

Current Priorities

If you are interested in specific bills and regulatory documents please check out the links below:


Drought Resiliency

Water Quality

Consolidation and Small Systems


CalMutuals tracks a variety of bills related to water companies. We’ve consolidated the bills (and our position on the bills) into a quick list for your review.