G&J Seiberlich & Co LLP

3264 Villa Lane Napa California 94558 US

G & J Seiberlich & Co LLP is the oldest full-service CPA firm in the North Bay and the first to specialize in many of the industries that make the region unique. Gordon Seiberlich came to the Napa Valley in 1949, determined to put his national accounting experience to work by establishing a full-service firm in a place that was scarcely more than a spot on a map. Today, the North Bay’s first CPA firm which started with one man, is staffed with more than two-dozen employees, serving over 2,500 clients. G & J Seiberlich & Co’s accountants are regarded as experts in the financial issues facing some of the North Bay’s key industries including wine, viticulture and agriculture, construction and other professions. Now retired, Gordon looks with pride on the fact that he was joined by such talented people and has had the opportunity to help communities and industries grow in the beautiful place he chose as home over 60 years ago.

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