Types of Membership

join-usCalMutuals brings together California’s mutual water companies, facilitates the exchange of quality information, offers valuable resources, and represents its members through grassroots activities and statewide lobbying. In 2014, we launched a new web site, held conferences and meetings, and worked the halls of the Capitol in Sacramento to help our members with the ongoing requirements facing mutual water companies in California.

The political arena can be daunting but with expert assistance, CalMutuals reaches key legislators, as well as community and local leaders who have the power to make positive changes. CalMutuals also works to bring small water systems together through information posted on our website, newsletters, meetings, workshops and direct mailings. In addition, we hold informational training sessions specifically tailored to mutual water companies.

It takes money and time to track regulations and mitigate the impact of proposed laws. By becoming a member, your cost is manageable and results are more effective.

Mutual Water Company/Regular Member: any  California mutual water company.
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Affiliate Member: any company/organization or individual wishing to promote their services or provide support to mutual water companies.
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