Through AOA (Adán Ortega Associates), Adán Ortega serves a select group of Fortune 500 companies, large public agencies and not-for-profit organizations (“NGO’s”) on public policy and organizational matters related to communications challenges, governance issues and crisis management.

Adán is a noted expert in subjects about water/air, agriculture, public accountability and community empowerment from local to national levels.

Adán works with partner professionals and as part of in-house leadership teams – thus the term “Associates” – taking responsibility for making things happen fast.

For 25 years Adán has specialized in difficult situations innovating his “Quick Start” strategic approach in helping the teams he works with:

  • Organize & Help Manage Internal Resources
  • Address and Minimize Policy & Organizational Vulnerabilities
  • Focus Issues
  • Gain & Expand Allies
  • Position for Public & Foundation Projects & Funding
  • Educate Decision-Makers
  • Gain & Recover Market Footing
  • Launch & Reinforce Trends
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