Small Systems and Consolidation


Topic: CalMutuals collaborates with CWSA in Study of Common Pitfalls When Large Water Systems Help Small Water Systems

CalMutuals collaborated with the Community Water systems Alliance (‘CWSA’) in developing a white paper after conducting a review of three Southern California water providers to gain an understanding of their efforts and programs directed at assisting small and/or disadvantaged water systems in their region. Participants were interviewed about a variety of topics related to their water system consolidations or assistance projects including collaboration, project funding, time management and resource allocation.

The review found that the state grant funding process can be difficult for some California water suppliers to access and a section of the paper includes recommendations for policy updates from these systems who have worked through it.

Read an introduction to the material, CWSA’s recent press release here.

Read Community Water Systems Alliance’s white paper here.

Topic: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund Advisory Group (SAFER)

SAFER Program: The SAFER program and the SAFER Advisory Group are a set of tools established by SB 200 intended to safeguard the usage of funds to ensure access to safe and resilient water supplies for everyone. CalMutuals regularly follows the meetings that the Water Boards hold as well as the Advisory Group meetings in which members of the advisory group provide input to staff proposals. The advisory group is made up of statewide representatives that may range from hands-on community leaders to local state elected officials

For more information and meeting schedule information go to the SAFER Group Advisory webpage at


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