Sponsorship/Advertising Options

Thank you for joining CalMutuals!

Pay your dues online via credit card using our secure payment option:

[stripe name="The Awesome Store" description="The Book of Awesomeness"]
[stripe_amount label="Donation Amount:" default="500"]
TIER F: Annual sales Under $100k = $50/year [stripe description=”TIER F: $50/year” amount=”5000″ payment_button_label=”Tier F: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Tier F: Pay {{amount}}”]
TIER E: Annual sales $100k-$250k = $250/year [stripe description=”TIER E: $250/year” amount=”25000″ payment_button_label=”Tier E: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Tier E: Pay {{amount}}”]
TIER D: Annual sales $250k-$500k = $500/year  [stripe description=”TIER D: $500/year” amount=”50000″ payment_button_label=”Tier D: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Tier D: Pay {{amount}}”]
TIER C: Annual sales $500k-$1M = $1,250/year [stripe description=”TIER C: $1,250/year” amount=”125000″ payment_button_label=”Tier C: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Tier C: Pay {{amount}}”]
TIER B: Annual sales $1M-$4M = $2,500/year [stripe description=”TIER B: $2,500/year” amount=”250000″ payment_button_label=”Tier B: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Tier B: Pay {{amount}}”]
TIER A: Annual sales Over $4M = $5,000/year [stripe description=”TIER A: $5,000/year” amount=”500000″ payment_button_label=”Tier A: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Tier A: Pay {{amount}}”]
Affiliate: $250/year [stripe description=”Affiliate: $250/year” amount=”25000″ payment_button_label=”Affiliate: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Affiliate: Pay {{amount}}”]
Individual Member: $100/year [stripe description=”Individual: $100/year” amount=”10000″ payment_button_label=”Individual: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Individual: Pay {{amount}}”]
Website Advertisement: Prominently display your brand on the CalMutuals website. = $75/month [stripe description=”Web Advertisement: $75/month” amount=”7500″ payment_button_label=”Web Advertisement: Pay Now” checkout_button_label=”Web Advertisement: Pay {{amount}}”]
If you wish to pay your dues by check:

Make check payable to: California Association of Mutual Water Companies

Mail check to: P.O. Box 1338, Whittier, CA 90609




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