Water Bond Summary

Clean and Safe Drinking Water- $520 million

  • Leverages federal funds for safe drinking water and clean water programs and for disadvantaged communities
  • Small Community Wastewater Program: $260 million
  • Drinking Water Public Infrastructure: $260 million

Watershed Restoration and Protection – $1,495 million

  • Conservancies:  $327.5 million
  • Wildlife Conservation  Board: $200 million (restoration  of flows)
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife: $285 million (out of Delta, no mitigation on BDCP)
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife: $87.5 million (in-Delta with constraints)
  • State settlement obligations including CVPIA: $475 million
  • Rivers and Creeks: $120 million

Regional Water Security – $810 million

  • Integrated regional water management:  $510 million
  • Stormwater capture: $200 million
  • Water conservation:  $100 million
  • Surface and Groundwater Storage- $2.7 billion
  • Continuous appropriation for above-and below-ground water storage projects

Statewide System Operation – $2,700 million

  • Public benefits associated with water storage projects

Water Recycling – $725 million

  • Statewide water recycling projects and activities

Groundwater  Sustainability – $900 million

  • Prevent and reduce groundwater contaminants:  $800 million
  • Provide sustainable groundwater management  planning and implementation:  $100 million

Flood Management – $395 million

  • Statewide flood management  projects and activities: $100 million
  • For Delta levee subvention programs and Delta flood protection projects: $295 million

Of the $7.545 billion identified above, the state’s ten hydrologic regions are eligible for specific funding dedicated in the bond to the regions, as well as other funds dedicated in the bond to conservancies or activities within a particular region. For the complete Bond Summary from the California Department of Water Resources (including regional allocations), click here.

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