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What We DoLegislative discussions to dissolve, take-over or consolidate mutual water companies have been taking place across California. Costly water board decisions impact water rights, basin management practices, and new monitoring and reporting requirements. With the passage of California’s AB 54 and AB 240, scrutiny of mutual water companies is higher than ever and regulatory changes (such as lowering the MCL on Cr 6 to 10 ug/l or less) are significant.  In addition, the transfer of Safe Drinking Water Program from California Department of Public Health to the State Water Resources Control Board can change exemptions from the Safe Drinking Water Act.

California Association of Mutual Water Companies (CalMutuals) was founded in November 2013 to bring together our state’s mutual water companies, facilitate the exchange of quality information, offer valuable resources, and represent members through grassroots activities and statewide lobbying.


CalMutuals‘ government relations team has over 80 years of combined experience handling California’s water issues.  Under the direction of the CalMutuals’ Board of Directors, our team executes advocacy at the local level, and at the Capitol in Sacramento.

The political arena can be daunting.  However, through expert assistance, CalMutuals reaches key legislators, as well as community and local leaders who have the power to make positive changes.

CalMutuals holds informational training sessions tailored to mutual water companies.

CalMutuals brings together California’s small water systems through newsletters, meetings, workshops, website and direct mailings.

It takes money, time and resources to track regulations and mitigate the impact of proposed laws.  As part of CalMutuals, your cost is manageable and results are more effective.

To learn about the types of memberships we offer and to download the membership form, click here. 

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